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2008 Officer of the Year
Kyle J. Posthumus
A valued member of the Burnsville Police Department since 2003, Officer Kyle J. Posthumus has performed to an unusually high standard throughout his law enforcement career. Since 2003, he has served in the capacities of Community Service Officer and Patrol Officer. Officer Posthumus is highly respected among his peers and has set himself apart from others through his consistent, tenacious work ethic and leadership skills.

Distinguished as Burnsville’s 2008 Officer of the Year, Officer Posthumus has a proven track record of exceptional service and dedication to the department and citizens of Burnsville. Whether aggressively patrolling the streets or investigating criminal matters, Officer Posthumus is a consummate professional who resolves the issue at hand and looks for the long-term solution to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. His positive attitude and passion to develop relationships in the community are displayed daily, and his honesty and integrity is above reproach. Simply speaking, Officer Posthumus loves his job and as a result he is very pro-active on the street. Through his self-initiated contacts, Kyle leads the patrol division in DUI arrests, ranks third for total number of arrests, and is in the top five for total traffic stops.

Officer Posthumus is referred to as a “silent leader” among his partners and leads by example with his strong work ethic, solid moral and ethical foundation, and compassion. On May 11, 2008, officers were dispatched to Knox Drive on the report of a male who had been repeatedly stabbed in his residence and that the suspects attempted to start the victim on fire as well as starting multiple fires in the house. Kyle was one of the first officers on scene and immediately took control of the incident. In just a matter of seconds Kyle aired the injuries of the victim, advised dispatch on the status of the fire, provided a description of the suspects, and requested that a KOPS alert be issued on the stolen vehicle. Through his calming and caring manner, Kyle was able to obtain this critical information as he tended to the severely injured victim who had been stabbed numerous times and set ablaze. Kyle also directed his fellow partners and assisted in the evacuation of the adjoining smoke-filled townhomes. The victim’s vehicle was located within 30 minutes of the issued alert, and the three suspects were eventually arrested and are currently awaiting trial. During the incident Officer Posthumus made several quick decisions, handled a critical situation in a very professional manner, and accurately performed the duties of an on-scene incident commander prior to the arrival of his shift supervisor.

Equally impressive were the skills Officer Posthumus displayed in responding to the report of a large group of people robbing someone at gunpoint in the parking lot near Prime Time Bar & Grill on July 24, 2008. With the instincts of a seasoned patrol officer, Officer Posthumus utilized exceptional intelligence and officer safety skills by deviating from the routine response of driving directly to the scene of the crime. Being familiar with the area, Kyle parked his squad in a neighboring parking lot anticipating that the suspects might cut through the area while fleeing the scene. As if written for a blockbuster movie, the suspects ran directly toward Officer Posthumus who skillfully and single-handedly ordered all five suspects to the ground and in a prone position. As responding officers arrived to assist with securing and separating the offenders, one suspect was overheard to say, “Some huge dude with a gun cut us off!” It was later discovered that a few individuals from the group had also been involved in a strong-arm robbery at another establishment earlier that night. In the end one juvenile was release with no charges, two juveniles were released pending charges, and two adults were jailed. Due to the large number of suspects involved and the report of a weapon, deadly force was a distinct possibility in this situation, yet Officer Posthumus’ sound judgment, self control and outstanding tactics clearly resulted in a successful outcome.

Through his constant interaction within the community, Officer Posthumus is known to develop relationships that are solidified by treating people with respect and dignity. As an example, on February 3, 2008, officers were dispatched to a physical domestic at an apartment complex on McAndrews Drive. Upon arrival, officers were met with a very bloody scene, an injured female victim, and an argumentative adult male who was holding onto an extremely frightened young child. With emotions running high, Officer Posthumus calmly told the male he was taking the child out of harm’s way and immediately stepped forward to gather the distraught child into his arms, carry him into another room and proceed to “do the dad thing” – eventually transforming the child’s tears into smiles. After the suspect was taken into custody and removed from the home, Officer Posthumus, with a now-laughing child, was able to take the statement from the female victim who profusely thanked Kyle for protecting her child. Kyle’s steady demeanor not only demonstrates his dedication for the task at hand but his composure is great modeling behavior for other officers.

Officer Posthumus’ devotion to law enforcement and the community he serves are well in keeping with the highest standards of this department. His tenacious work ethic and willingness to get involved have been a tremendous influence on those he works with. Through his efforts, many victims have been protected from further violence, numerous criminals have been incarcerated and citizens and merchants have safer streets. Congratulations, Kyle, for being selected as Burnsville Police Department’s 2008 Officer of the Year.

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