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Business Watch
Join Business Watch imageThe Business Watch Program is a partnership between the business community and the Burnsville Police. It enables individual businesses to take an active part in preventing and reducing crime on business premises through sharing information, raising awareness and improving communication.

NEW - Bad Check Diversion Program

How Does Business Watch Work?

As a partnership, Business Watch works by two-way communication between program members and the Burnsville Police Department.

Burnsville Police developed a city-wide Business Watch Alert e-mail network through which it notifies program members about business-related criminal activity. Alerts warn members about forged, stolen or lost checks and credit cards, stolen identities, counterfeit bills and checks, names and account numbers of persons actively passing bad checks, current business scams, shoplifters, area vandalism, and other topics of interest that may arise.

In turn, businesses can notify the Burnsville Police of crimes or suspicious activity at their location. If warrented, Police will warn the other Business Watch members by forwarding that information over the program's network.

Alerts are issued as soon as possible after the Burnsville Police Department responds to a call for service or otherwise becomes aware of criminal activity.

Important Business Watch Concepts

Get to know your business neighbors. There is a social component to Business Watch. The better you know the people who work in your neighboring businesses, the more likely you -- and they -- are to look out for each other. So make personal contact and let them know you are a member of Business Watch. Talk about how you can work together to prevent crime and keep an eye on each other's business.

Watch and Report. Report suspicious activity to 911 immediately, even if it means taking a chance you are wrong.

Do not endanger yourself. Rather, learn to be a good witness. Take note of unique or unusual characteristics such as scars, tattoos, clothing, etc. Note the direction the person goes and get a license plate number if possible.

If the situation is occurring at the moment call 9-1-1, but if it is not an emergency or it is something that occurred while your business was closed, call 952-895-4620.

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For more information contact Sgt. Dan Anderson via email or at 952-895-4596.

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