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2007 Burnsville Police Officer of the Year Andrea L. Newton
Andrea L. Newton
A valued member of the Burnsville Police Department since 1999, Officer Andrea L. Newton has served in the capacity of Community Service Officer, Patrol Officer, Physical Evidence Officer, Use of Force Instructor, Field Training Officer, Community Resource Officer, and is currently assigned as an Investigator. Officer Newton is highly respected among her peers and has set herself apart from others through her consistent, tenacious work ethic and leadership skills.

Distinguished as Burnsville’s 2007 Officer of the Year, Officer Newton has a proven track record of exceptional service and dedication to the department and citizens of Burnsville. Whether aggressively investigating criminal matters at multi-housing and rental properties or processing physical evidence at a crime scene, Officer Newton is a consummate professional who resolves the issue at hand. Her positive attitude and passion to develop relationships in the community are displayed daily, and her honesty and integrity is above reproach.

This high level of performance has been consistently noted throughout the year and has significantly contributed to the quality of life for the citizens of Burnsville in the following areas:

Police Citizens Academy: Officer Newton first talked about her vision to bring back a Police Citizens Academy when she interviewed for her position in the Community Resources Unit and spoke passionately about how it would provide citizens with a better understanding about police work in Burnsville and interact pro-actively with community members in a positive environment. In September 2007, Andrea’s vision came to fruition with 20 participants attending the nine-week law enforcement curriculum. Her hard work shined a positive light on our officers and gained supporters of the Burnsville Police Department within our community. Some comments include:

“This was an awesome experience. Thank you for all your time and dedication in giving us a small glimpse on what you do. I am proud to be a citizen of Burnsville and safe knowing the men and women who are serving our community. I can’t say thank you enough. This was an experience that I will never forget.”

“You are all amazing and inspirational. I am so proud to be a part of your city and community!”

“I have a new understanding and respect for officers, and a profound gratitude for all they sacrifice on a daily basis to serve the people and community. Thank you so much.”

Traveling Senior Safety Camp: Officer Newton recognized the need for a relationship with our senior population and developed a traveling Senior Safety Camp throughout the year at several senior housing complexes. Through a collaborative effort between Police, Fire and Community Services, valuable information regarding crime prevention, personal safety, identity theft, fire prevention, available City services and volunteer opportunities was shared. More importantly, stronger relationships with our senior community have been built.

Implementing New Multi-Housing Program: In 2006, the City of Burnsville implemented a Rental Licensing Ordinance, requiring mandatory licensing. In conjunction with the new ordinance, a voluntary program was developed providing property owners the opportunity to partner with the community, to promote and maintain Burnsville’s high quality of life. Through the Safer Tenant and Rental (STAR) Program and the efforts of Officer Newton, property owners and managers are now better connected to the City, made aware of issues with troublesome tenants, and have a forum to work together to address issues and build stronger relationships. Andrea has been diligent in improving information sharing with owners/managers by hosting quarterly meetings and providing timely crime alert information, incident summaries, and crime prevention tips via the City’s electronic Gov Docs system. These partnerships are key to reducing calls for service and providing a safer environment for the multi-housing neighborhoods.

Officer Newton has also been tenacious in dealing with criminal matters at multi-housing and rental properties and holding owners/landlords accountable. In 2007, after numerous police calls to a specific rental house and two riot-type calls involving mutual aid assistance from four neighboring agencies, Andrea contacted the property owner to address officer/citizen safety concerns and eventually became the driving force on charging and convicting the landlord for a rental ordinance violation.

Investigation Skills: In late 2006, an armed robbery took place at a local restaurant. At the time of the robbery there were virtually no leads to help solve the case. Andrea was able to develop information concerning a resident in our multi-housing community who was involved in illegal activity. Due to her extraordinary relationship with the apartment complex management, Officer Newton was able to develop enough specific and accurate information on the resident to obtain a search warrant. During the search warrant, officers recognized items which were linked to the restaurant robbery, ultimately leading to the identification and charging of the suspects responsible for the armed robbery. As a result of Andrea’s daily relationship-building efforts with Burnsville’s multi-housing community, her assiduous work style and teamwork with several units within the police department, she received a letter of appreciation for her efforts in solving the case and removing a dangerous individual from the community.

Physical Evidence Officer Program: Experienced in the area of physical evidence processing, Officer Newton has successfully testified in court as an expert witness, successfully resolving many of our most serious and difficult cases. In 2007, Burnsville Police Department’s Physical Evidence Team conducted their 9th Annual Basic Crime Scene Investigation Class. As an instructor, Officer Newton shared her knowledge in the processing of forensic evidence and assisted in coordinating the training event. Due to the PEO Team’s hard work and commitment to making the class a success, our officers have helped other agencies become better equipped to conduct forensic investigations and our agency has earned a great reputation throughout the state for its quality crime scene processing.

Leader in Special Olympics Program: Two years ago Andrea partnered with the Minnesota Special Olympics South Metro Area Polar Plunge event and is currently serving as co-chair. She has planned, organized, solicited donations and even participated in the popular Polar Plunge event. In 2006, the group raised $46,000 for the first year in Burnsville; and in 2007 surpassed that amount earning over $70,000 and raising awareness of Special Olympics athletes and their accomplishments.

Andrea is a unique person who combines the very best of abilities and has touched everyone in the department and community in a different way. Simply speaking, Officer Newton loves her job, excels at it, and as a result has been very pro-active in her interaction within the community – developing strong partnerships that are solidified by treating people with respect and dignity. Through her efforts, many victims have been protected from further violence, numerous criminals have been incarcerated and citizens and merchants have safer streets.

Officer Newton’s devotion to law enforcement and the community she serves are well in keeping with the highest standards of this department. Her tenacious work ethic and willingness to get involved have been a tremendous influence on those she works with. Congratulations are extended to Andrea as Burnsville Police Department’s 2007 Officer of the Year.

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